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11 July 2014 (09:00 - 09:00)

Infinite Data is Sole Distributor for SecurEnvoy - Tokenless Authentication

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 11 July 2014 - With increase in digital crime and internet fraud, using simple username and password could no longer protect criminals to gain access to users’ private data or financial details for further fraudulent acts.  That is why two factor authentication or 2FA is needed to add an extra layer of security.  The 2FA technology has been adopted by Google, MSN and Yahoo to prevent online users from identity theft.

The common form of 2FA is hardware token, which is issued by a bank.  The technology was first introduced 30 years ago, but the cost to deploy and manage this technology is preventing many large organizations to adopt two-factor authentication at a large scale.  Users who rely on hardware token to gain access to a secured web portal will need to wait for a new one if they lost their hardware tokens.

To solve these problems, SecurEnvoy has developed Tokenless Two Factor Authentication – a patented technology that leverage on users’ mobile phone as the authentication device.  This solution provides better user experience and ease of management a lower cost.  For enterprises, thousands of users can be deployed at the click of a button, by leveraging on enterprise existing infrastructure such as Active Directory.

Logging on securely can be a simpler process with SecurEnvoy.

About SecurEnvoy

SecurEnvoy,  a UK-based company, is the inventor of SMS-based tokenless two factor authentication (2FA) and have been leading the way in the development of this next generation of authentication technology since year 2000.  For more information please visit www.securenvoy.com