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21 October 2014 (09:00 - 09:00)

Enterprise-class Wi-Fi Enhances Consumer Mobility And The O2O Shopping Experience

Wanda Plaza Building 

As China’s leading brand of commercial properties, Wanda Plazas integrate various functions including shopping, dining, and cultural and entertainment activities, forming a large business district with multiple commercial activities, functions and platforms.

With the largest number and scale of plazas throughout China, Wanda Plaza has become one of the most influential urban complexes. Based on Wanda’s blueprint, there will be 140 Wanda Plazas across China as of 2015, with annual customer flow expected to exceed two billion.

Online-to-Offline (O2O), which integrates online traffic with offline consumption patterns, has become an important trend of innovation in commercial service, as well as an effective tool for commercial complexes and shops to increase the “adhesiveness” of their consumers.

As a leader of large-scale retailing industry and a representative of public-facing enterprises, Wanda has been constantly exploring in the O2O area with the expansion of its business landscape.

With the launching of Wanhui.cn, an e-commerce platform, and Wanhui App for mobile phones, Wanda’s O2O strategy is having a positive effect on consumers’ experience at the business districts, which shows that Wanda Plaza is initiating a new business era.

Providing consumers with the best online and offline integrated shopping experience has been a long-term challenge to which Wanda has attached great importance and considerable thought. Wi-Fi-connected shoppers are demanding a more reliable and productive mobility experience.

To meet these demands, Wanda adopted an enterprise Wi-Fi strategy that called for centralized management and control over multiple wireless infrastructures across multiple locations. After several rounds of evaluation, Wanda chose Aruba’s high-performance mobility solution.

Aruba met all of Wanda’s lofty standards, including accurate Wi-Fi location services, simple and always-available network access, and support for native application environments. 

View on iPad - Scan Plaza
When customers enter Wanda Plaza and connect via Wi-Fi, they can run the Wanhui application and select “Scan Plaza.” A list of shops in all directions is displayed based on the customer’s location. By selecting a shop, detailed information about brands, promotional activities, coupons, and new merchandise can be presented.  

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Wanda Group is the leader in commercial properties, luxury hotels, cultural tourism and departmental stores across China. Aruba is glad to be able to support Wanda through the deployment of Aruba's All-Wireless Workplace solutions across 59 Wanda Plazas to date, and to furthering our partnership to enable even more innovative initiatives.

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