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1 January 2016 (09:00 - 09:00)

Infinite Data is Infoblox Authorized Distributor in Malaysia

Infinite Data Sdn Bhd (an Exclusive Group Company known as Exclusive Networks), a value-added distributor of ICT products in Malaysia, is the Authorized Distributor for Infoblox, the leading provider in Network Control & DNS Security solution, since 2011.


Using Infoblox patented GridTM technology, Infoblox provides an industry-leading, bulletproof, easy-to-maintain platform for your core network services  – DDI – which includes DNS, DHCP and IP address management).  Infoblox DDI solution is also ready for IPv6, internet protocol for future.


The key value of Infoblox solutions is Automation.  Infoblox helps businesses to automate complex network control functions – discovery, switch port management, network change configuration and compliance management for multi-vendor network devices. Automation reduce manpower workload, eliminate human errors, and ultimately prevent network outages.


Network management is getting more complex with escalating number of diverse, silo, multi-vendor devices, including mobile devices at the edge and data centre infrastructure. To make everything runs smoothly, network engineers likely rely on manual process and poorly integrated solutions.  Infoblox NetMRI help to simplify and automate this process, enforce best practices, compliance and security policies.


DNS is one of the overlooked threat vector in most enterprises today which is prone to threats like DNS attacks, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), malware, data exfiltration, exploits and anomalies. Infoblox offers a purpose-built, secure platform to monitor DNS, detect, drops malware attacks, to isolate devices and to mitigate attacks – while responding to legitimate enquiries. This maintains DNS security for businesses at all times.


In summary, Infoblox offers these benefits:

  • overcome complexity by creating a single point of control and automation across traditional data centers (physical or virtual) as well as public and private cloud deployments;
  • protect against the rising flood of malware and cyberattacks that target networks especially via Domain Name System (DNS);
  • establish a single point of enforcement for security and compliance policies;
  • deliver Actionable Network Intelligence for making networks more reliable, efficient, and effective; and
  • increase reliability of enterprise and service provider networks

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