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Infoblox is the leader in network automation and control. Many of the world's largest businesses rely on our integrated hardened appliance based software for business continuity, availability and compliance.

Infoblox appliance-based, core network services products are the backbone of some of the most critical IT priorities today, and serve as a platform for scalable, secure and manageable modern networks. Infoblox network services appliances provide a platform for delivering reliable, scalable, and secure core network services including DNS, DNSSEC, DHCP, IPAM, NCCM and more. The integrated Infoblox approach combines the simplicity of appliances with the power of advanced distributed database technology to control and automate services while achieving availability, manageability, visibility, and control unparalleled by conventional solutions based on legacy technologies.

The modular Infoblox product line consists of a series of security-hardened, high-performance appliance platforms that ship standard with Infoblox NIOS™ software and support a variety of software packages. In addition, Infoblox offers PortIQ Appliance product line to provide complete visibility into switch port usage for port capacity planning, security audits and ease of troubleshooting.

Solution Overview

Disaster Recovery

As "around-the-clock" business continuity becomes increasingly critical, organizations need to consider the importance of core network services to the continuous availability and, in the event of a disaster, recovery of every application on the network.

DNS Firewall

Infoblox DNS QuickSecure Solution provides organizations with a first line of defense, establishing in effect a "DNS Firewall" that works with existing DNS infrastructure and provides a hardened DNS layer that can be upgraded quickly and easily, with no downtime.

DNS/DHCP Infrastructure

Infoblox appliance-based solutions help companies deploy best practices architecture for secure, scalable, nonstop DNS and DHCP services in any IP network environment.

IP Address Management (IPAM)

Managing IP addresses is critical to maintaining the operational health and security of any IP network. Infoblox offers a suite of IPAM solutions that meet the needs of any size organization whether managing existing infrastructure or refreshing the network.

PortIQ™ Appliance

The Infoblox PortIQ™ appliance provides complete visibility into switch port usage for port capacity planning, security audits and ease of troubleshooting.

Reporting for Core Network Services

Infoblox provides a wide variety of reporting solutions that enable you to better monitor and manage your core network services infrastructure. They provide real-time and historical information and insight supporting compliance, network access control, and operational efficiency.

Enhanced VitalQIP®

Together, Lucent and Infoblox provide an integrated solution that delivers the power of VitalQIP® software with the deployment, security, and management advantages of Infoblox appliances and distributed grid technology.

vNIOS™ Software on Cisco

Infoblox vNIOS™ software for Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) empowers branch offices by automating core network services, providing the performance benefits of local service delivery with unparalleled resiliency and centralized visibility while reducing branch network capital and operating expenses.

vNIOS™ Software on Riverbed

By removing servers and applications from branch offices and consolidating in data centers, network administrators are able to achieve a number of business benefits that include lower capital equipment cost, lower support and management cost, and better auditing and compliance. Infoblox and Riverbed solutions on Steelhead appliances combine the best of the best into a single solution.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Infoblox integrated DNS, DHCP, TFTP, NTP and other network services enable dial-tone reliability for delivering IP addresses to phones, simplify distribution of phone firmware and configurations, and provide a platform for future support for 802.1X authentication of phones and other IP-based devices.


Infoblox automates and simplifies the deployment and management of DNSSEC for you. Using hardened appliances that run on patented Grid™ technology, DNSSEC from Infoblox meets the challenges and eliminates the risks of DNSSEC implementation. Infoblox makes DNSSEC affordable, available, and accessible to organizations like yours. Reducing the risk of configuration errors, supplying the expertise you want to have available, and making the cost of implementation and maintenance manageable—these are part of the Infoblox DNSSEC solution.

IPv6 Address Migration

Migration to IPv6 is a major network transition, and most organizations need to start planning and transitioning now, if they wish to be successful.

At the current allocation rate on the Internet, regional registration bodies will have run out of additional public IPv4 addresses to assign to ISPs and other companies by 2012. By 2015, 17% of the Internet will use an IPv6 address.

Migration to IPv6 is a challenging and risky endeavor, however if executed through proper planning, it can be achieved successfully. Infoblox provides tools and technologies that reduce risks and costs of IPv6 migration and operating IPv6 address networks.

Microsoft DNS/DHCP Management

Infoblox provides a Microsoft Management solution for DNS and DHCP servers that enhances and extends Microsoft's built-in DNS and DHCP technology.

Many organizations initially choose Microsoft Servers for internal DNS and DHCP services because they are bundled into the Microsoft Server package. Over time, as their network grows and becomes more complex, these organizations often seek the complimentary benefits of an enterprise-class IP Address Management (IPAM) platform such as Infoblox to automate and scale network management system processes.

Infoblox provides a range of IP Address Management capabilities, High Availability options, and enterprise-wide network management software automation features that help IT departments more efficiently scale Microsoft DNS/DHCP deployments across multi-server, multi-zone enterprise environments.


Automated Network Change and Configuration Management
NetMRI is a network management product focused on network change and configuration management (NCCM). It enables you to automate network change, see the impact of changes on network health, manage network configurations and meet a variety of compliance requirements. Offering physical and virtual appliance deployment options, NetMRI audits multi-vendor infrastructures, identifies anomalies early, speeds resolution and automates network changes, allowing you to do the following:
  • Determine how change impacts both network health and compliance
  • Maintain a predictable and consistent network with embedded best practices and proactive monitoring
  • Increase staff efficiency via automation, problem isolation and improved remediation options
  • Put a stop to user complaints and network issues
  • With a single click, generate reports to check your adherence to PCI DSS, SOX and other regulatory compliance mandates as well as to internal policies
Instead of manually pushing and logging changes, like some network administration software, you can use NetMRI to automate network data collection, analysis and reporting of network infrastructure devices to greatly improve the efficiency and predictability of your network.