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Autonomic Networking System™ (ANS): a system that governs itself Ipanema's Autonomic Networking System (ANS™) is at the heart of Ipanema's ability to connect network infrastructure to your enterprise's business goals.

Self-learning, self-configuring and self-optimizing, ANS is the first and only system to deliver fully automated Application Visibility, QoS & Control, WAN Optimization and Dynamic WAN Selection over an enterprise's global network, whatever its size and transport technology.

Now is the time for autonomic networking

The time has come for autonomic networking, which enables automated, second-by-second decision making by distributed components that exchange information quickly and accurately. Autonomic networking re-focuses the efforts of the networking team on the more important tasks of defining overall Applications Performance Objectives and controlling the achievement of objectives with reporting against application-based SLAs.

Autonomic networking is a fundamental step forward – bringing simple management to the constantly evolving complexity of enterprise network and application environments. Ipanema's ANS is leading the way in the commercial implementation of autonomic networking for enterprise WANs, introducing unique functionalities such as:
  • Carrier-class central management software allied to distributed cooperative components
  • Global performance management based on high-level Application Performance Objectives
  • Complete visibility of network traffic and application performance – from global to fully detailed views
  • A very cost effective deployment scheme

Application Visibility

Enable full visibility over applications, network usage and performance.

With Ipanema's ANS™, you can:
  • Discover and classify applications with up to Level 7 traffic inspection
  • Manage Application SLAs
  • Measure application usage and performance in real time
  • Report on usage and performance throughout the enterprise's organization
  • Combine proactive and reactive helpdesk support via top-level information views, alarming and data drill-down
  • Optimize the cost versus performance trade off through Rightsizing

QoS & Control

Guarantee user experience across your global network

Ipanema's ANS™ combines QoS & Control with Application Visibility, WAN Optimization and Dynamic WAN Selection in a single, tightly coupled, coherent system that delivers truly optimal results - meaning the best application performance at the lowest cost. Ipanema's approach to QoS & Control guarantees superior user experience and business application acceleration. With ANS, you can:
  • Drive performance over the global WAN from a simple set of Application Performance Objectives (APOs)
  • Protect real-time and interactive flows and converge all applications on a single network
  • Manage globally meshed flows from central sites.

WAN Optimization

Accelerate traffic while guaranteeing critical application performance In long-haul networks and bandwidth-restricted locations, QoS & Control may not be sufficient to fix all application performance problems. Ipanema's ANS™ WAN Optimization mitigates the impact of network delay for chatty applications like Common Internet File System (CIFS) and increases the available bandwidth, reducing data transfer time and satisfying application users everywhere.

WAN Optimization brings response time down, improving the delivered Quality of Experience (QoE). ANS WAN Optimization includes a combination of techniques, including redundancy elimination (also referred to as compression, byte caching or de-duplication), TCP acceleration and application acceleration (including specialized CIFS protocol optimization) mechanisms. All are dynamically applied under QoS and Control features to ensure that the delivered additional performance always serves the most critical applications first, as defined by the global Application Performance Objectives (APOs).

Ipanema's approach to WAN optimization with ANS is:
  • Controlled: WAN optimization is tightly integrated with QoS & Control. This prevents accelerated applications from creating congestion and protects other applications like voice and telepresence from being hurt by accelerated flows. In addition, the "virtual bandwidth" created by Ipanema's WAN optimization is allocated according to business priorities, maximizing its value for the enterprise.
  • Transparent to the IT infrastructure: Ipanema's WAN Optimization does not require any change to the configuration of the IT infrastructure.
  • Transparent to the network, maintaining full compatibility with network mechanisms in place (like MPLS Classes of Service, routing policies and advanced queuing mechanisms).
  • Able to manage all applications: Ipanema's WAN Optimization covers the three key application performance bottlenecks (bandwidth, TCP and application protocol) and addresses all types of applications, including real-time, transactional and data transfer applications.
  • A la carte/modular: Ipanema's WAN Optimization features need only be deployed where required (e.g., in a few remote offices), eliminating the need to install devices in branches close to the data center, which already benefit from broadband network access with short delays.

Dynamic WAN selection

Unify a hybrid network into a single logical network The Dynamic WAN Selection feature of Ipanema's ANS™ adds next-generation network load balancing to QoS & Control and WAN Optimization. Dynamic WAN selection maximizes the value of multiple network combinations (like dual MPLS access, dual service providers or MPLS + Internet) by unifying access control and ensuring the optimum usage of each available path between sites.

Dynamic WAN Selection automatically chooses the best access for each application flow to maximize the delivered performance and continuity, while optimizing the usage of each available network. WAN selection criteria include quality parameters like network delay, jitter and loss, as well as the available bandwidth. Evaluated in real-time, these criteria are weighted according to the type of application flow: voice will usually look for the fastest path while email may prefer the largest one.

Fully automated, Dynamic WAN Selection provides enterprises with a new dimension in business communication continuity through redundant networks, while guaranteeing application performance and optimizing network costs. Tightly integrated with the other ANS features (Application Visibility, QoS & Control and WAN Optimization), Dynamic WAN Selection:
  • Dynamically selects the best network access for each application flow, maximizing application performance, continuity and network usage.
  • Takes into account the end-to-end characteristics of each available network (quality and bandwidth) to decide in real time the best access for each application flow.
  • Offers a variety of WAN selection strategies (from fully automated to partially or fully constrained) in order to adapt to various enterprise policies.
  • Maximizes the performance of all application types over the network (data, voice, video, interactive, etc.).
  • Is fully integrated with other ANS features (Application Visibility, QoS and Control and WAN Optimization).
  • Makes all network accesses always available for use (vs. standard passive back-up lines), enabling enterprises to use all the capacity for which they pay.
  • Manages up to three network accesses for use with the most complicated network architectures.