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Netscout is a hardware and software based systems that monitors LANs, WANs and SANs for globally distributed enterprises. It provides visibility into the multitude of today's applications and technologies, presenting a cohesive view of the network and business services that run over it.

The Netscout solution incorporates multiple performance management disciplines all in one product:
  • Application monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Capacity planning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Fault prevention
  • Service Level Management : Response time monitoring
These functionalities are fully integrated into a single management application, empowering IT departments with greater efficiency as they deliver maximum network performance to their businesses.

Solution Overview

nGenius Infinistream

nGenius Infinistream provides detailed packet recording and deep packet inspection functionality that allows users to:
  • Continuously capture packet-level details providing insight to specific network conditions at the time an issue occurred
  • Store and index network packets for post event data mining and forensics
  • Delivers real-time statistical monitoring and alerting to nGenius Performance Manager for proactive problem detection
  • Leverage Sniffer Intelligence Solutions to streamline the troubleshooting of todays toughest network problems
  • Rapidly and definitively diagnose the source of performance degradations providing the packet-level visibility that is crucial for incident management
  • Gain system-wide visibility of network and application performance and proactive problem recognition to achieve true service-aware network management

nGenius Probes

With flexible configurations, scalability and the superior CDM architecture, nGenius probes provide end-through-end views of the network, applications and services by:
  • Supporting both physical and virtual network technologies to ensure a comprehensive view of the network
  • Delivering response time measurements to detect application degradations
  • Providing robust real-time analysis and historical reporting with unsurpassed granularity
  • Proactively detecting network problems by providing real-time alarms
  • Managing converged networks by providing visibility to key performance indicators and critical quality of experience ( QoE ) metrics

nGenius Performance Manager

nGenius Performance Manager is a mission-critical, all-in-one application responsible for monitoring the performance of networks and applications running locally and remotely throughout the enterprise. The nGenius Solution offers unparalleled visibility into application traffic flows through the leading edge High-Definition Performance Management functionality. With the ability to collect, log and analyze high definition performance data for all application, host and conversation flows, the nGenius Solution lets IT organizations gain deeper insight at both local and enterprise levels for problem avoidance, effective planning and troubleshooting. With the nGenius Solution collecting and interpreting data from multiple data sources, users can effectively understand and proactively manage their networks to deliver uninterrupted network services that satisfy their business requirements.

Netscout nGenius® Voice | Video Manager

The nGenius® Voice | Video Manager is a self-contained UC performance management and analysis module for the nGenius Service Assurance Solution enabling comprehensive real-time service management for UC services. nGenius Voice | Video Manager delivers granular application-specific metrics for IP-based telepresence, video and voice session transmission and conversation quality to characterize real-time service performance and the true user experience. This enables IT organizations to obtain actionable visibility into the end-to-end behavior and quality of UC applications and services. Supporting a broad compliment of UC technologies, vendors and services, the nGenius module combines proactive service management, intelligent troubleshooting, automated diagnostics, flexible reporting and innovative service desk support to reveal UC application-level behavior on a per-user, per-call basis. nGenius Voice | Video Manager collects real-time IP traffic metrics from strategic instrumentation points along the call path, from endpoints, and from data collected from VoIP call controllers and Session Border Controllers (SBCs).

Sniffer Portable

Sniffer Portable Professional network analyzer is a best-in-class, plug-and-play, single-user analyzer for network and application troubleshooting. Sniffer Portable Professional gives network managers on-demand monitoring, packet capture and problem analysis for wires and wireless network segments. Ideal for rapid respond to network and application issues on location in the field, the software-based solution offers powerful troubleshooting tools at a cost-effective price point.

Netscout Sniffer University

Sniffer Certification Professional Programs ( SCPP )
With over 3000 certified professionals worldwide, Sniffer University is committed to extending and confirming our students' knowledge through the nGenius Certification program. Our certification program helps to:
  • Identify and test your networking knowledge and skill level
  • Validate your capabilities to use NetScout products
  • Enhance your marketability as a networking professional
  • Gain organizational and industry recognition
  • Increase your productivity and your company's effectiveness
Managers will also appreciate the opportunity to confirm the most qualified technical professionals on their staff through a demonstration of employee excellence.