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Nuera is a leading provider of Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) infrastructure solutions that work over any medium (cable, wireless, copper and fiber). The company's Open, Reliable Communications Architecture (ORCA®) product portfolio helps carriers worldwide migrate from legacy networks to next-generation VoIP networks.

Nuera continually wins awards for its superior products and services and is respected throughout the industry for driving the adoption of interoperability and open, standards-based platforms.

Nuera focuses only on next-generation VoIP technology, it has advantages over large, incumbent data companies and switch providers. The company reduces capital costs and increases enhanced services revenue with award-winning VoIP solutions that map to any carrier network.

Nuera Solution

Nuera has developed a flexible, cost-efficient way for communication service providers to integrate IP telephony equipment into current PSTN, cable and wireless infrastructures. In fact, the company's Open, Reliable Communications Architecture product family allows the migration of voice capabilities to data networks and the Internet by acting as a translator among protocols. Protocols supported by various Nuera products include SS7, SIP, MGCP, H.323, DOCSIS, 3G and others.


Other than Carrier Core & Access Media Gateways (Wireline, Wireless, Cable), CPE & Access Media Gateways and Media Servers. Nuera other key products' range as follow:


Nuera mVoIP is a Mobile VoIP (Voice Over IP) and SoIP (SMS over IP) Solution from Nuera, a leading provider of VoIP Technologies and Voice Network products, comprised of a Client Management System (CMS) and a variety of Client for MobMobile Devices, PC and Web.

HD IP Phones and HDVoIP

Nuera 300HD Series of High Definition IP Phones offers a new dimension of voice call quality and clarity for the IP Telephony market. This new series of IP Phones further expands Nuera's VoIP product offering for the Enterprise and Service Provider markets.

HDVoIP allows carriers to differentiate their services with a much improved audio experience, creating customer loyalty and affinity. Enterprises can differentiate themselves with superior voice quality to their customers, building on their quality branding while improving business efficiency.