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Whether you are updating your existing networking infrastructure or building a new network solution from the ground up, Infinite Data can help with its comprehensive array of products, services and support to streamline IP communications, automate common business processes and improve the flow of information.

Infinite Data Maintenance Plans provide fully-integrated hardware, fault report escalation and software service coverage to help keep your systems running in optimization condition and meet your demands for availability. Through a combination of hardware service coverage, software service coverage and technical support, and including software updates, we can help you resolve technical issues quickly and most effectively.

The Basic Maintenance Plan (8x5xNBD) provides the basic maintenance services you need to manage and resolve technical issues more quickly, including hardware service coverage, software updates and telephone technical support.

The Advanced Maintenance Plan (24x7x4) provides you with enhanced coverage to help you maintain higher availability as well as mission-critical systems. Features include 24/7 hardware service with four hours onsite service response time, 24/7 on telephone technical support, software releases and updates.

Let our engineers and business process specialists help you assess your current networking and design a new solution that optimizes both your return of investment and long-term value. Our Professional Services include Design & Configuration, Implementation & Integration, and Security Solutions. In addition, we do offer network assessment services to our valuable customer to measure LAN, WAN and mission-critical business application performance.
  • Link Utilization
  • Top N Applications
  • Top N Conversations
  • Number of clients access the application
  • Response Time
  • Flight Time
  • Deep packet decoding analysis
  • Capacity planning

With our in-depth training for helpdesk technical support, Network administrator and IT manager, we aim to go one step further, making our Customers and IT people master of their products capability.

We provide sales and technical training for our core products and the related IP technologies. Our goal is to deliver consistent, high quality training using flexible delivery options to meet business requirements while ensuring timely certification on core products and aiding our customers to develop the skills of their employees to make the best use of IP technology.

Our courses are tailored for sales personnel, sales engineers, technicians, system engineers, system administrators and their end-users. These courses are delivered using a blended learning approach - addressing all learning styles, budgets and schedules. In addition, we also offer optional training including deep packet decoding on IP networking, System Administration and End-User training.